Septic Systems

Oct 1, 2021 By The Clozer


1                     Clean effluent filter annually "“ located in the outlet baffle tee of your Septic tank (If equipped)

It prevents solids, etc. from entering field bed, reducing field bed life.  Simply remove the effluent filter and spray with water until clean, then replace.  It's that easy.

2                     Do not travel over septic tank or field bed during the winter months.  Undisturbed snow is an excellent insulator.  Once snow is travelled on, frost can drive down to the septic tank or field bed causing it to freeze and become in-operable.  Any travel can change freezing eg.  Foot traffic, dogs, deer, snowmobiles, etc.

3                     The sewer line leading to the septic tank from the cottage can also freeze simply from having a dripping tap or toilet "running on".  This results from a miniscule amount of water freezing in the sewer line gradually which eventually causes blockage.