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Let's face it! When you don't remove "all" of the water from your plumbing system it can freeze and cause extensive damage. When remaining water in the plumbing freezes it expands and is likely to cause burst waterlines. The winter months can play havoc on your plumbing system. End the aggravation of starting your plumbing system, repairing your plumbing system, and water damaged walls, floors and ceilings. Avoid the continuous expense by purchasing "The Clozer". This one-time cost will cover you for years to come.If you own a cottage, you know that repairing frozen pipes can be as much of a spring ritual as bringing out your lawn furniture.

Why experience the hassle and expense of having a frozen water pipes bursting in your cottage, or causing serious damage to your RV or boat? If you live in an area where pipes could potentially freeze,"The Clozer" is a quick, reliable, and easy way to shut down plumbing systems, at a fraction of the cost of your plumbers annual visits. Contrary to popular belief, simply draining your water lines does not stop water from settling in low points and freezing. "Blowing lines out" can result in water and condensation settling, causing your pipes to freeze and break.

When looking for home or cottage ideas to relieve your cottage opening stress, think "The Clozer". Frozen water pipes can happen to anyone when winterizing home or cottage. A single frozen pipe can be expensive, but the damage from uncontrolled water leakage can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. To help with cottage or home winterization, you need "The Clozer".

"The Clozer" is designed to pump non-toxic plumbing antifreeze into the domestic water system to prevent freezing and rupturing of these lines."The Clozer" is completely mobile and is ideal for camp owners, cottage, boat and RV owners, it allows the user to virtually eliminate the need for costly annual visits from a plumbing professional to open up and close down vacation properties. Whether you completely shut down your home or cottage for the entire winter, or make the most of the winter months at the cottage,"The Clozer" gives you convenience, flexibility and peace of mind that your investments are protected.

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