We just tried out our Clozer II. Wow! A little over 90 minutes and the whole island summer house was done. Two floors, basement, three full bathrooms, washing machine, and dishwasher. So easy! How we ever got along without it I will never know. We were paying a plumber to open and close every year for the last 20 years. Everyone we have told about it wants one. You folks are awesome!

Mark Allen December 2021

This device is truly a game changer. We have 12 cabins and a restaurant. We are seasonal and not heated during the winter. Tankless on demand water heaters, ice machines, commercial dishwashers and clothes washers are a significant challenge to ensure all water has been removed. Although we strive to methodically blow out the water with compressed air, a traditional Spring activity is to determine what needs to be replaced due to water collecting somewhere in something. This device completely prevents that. It provides peace of mind and confidence. It saves time during dewatering activities and prevents time spent in the Spring when water is reintroduced. In my business, time is the most limited commodity. Anyone with a seasonal business or cottage should have this device.

Scott Weeks, Owner Leen's Lodge November 2021

So I’ve Been a cottager for over 40 years and of course go through the closing and opening every year and I also use my Cottage during the winter I don’t leave the heat on And I drain all the lines I was getting a little fed up but I’ve been looking at the Clozer device that Brian Judy and Ben have developed and I finally contacted them to see if it would work lo and behold Brian and Ben came to my cottage in Haliburton installed the clozer and the TC3 product couldn’t be happier such a simple design but such a great product I would highly recommend it

John Marvin 2019

I bought the Clozer II for my off grid cabin. I've been blowing out my water lines for years. Although my process was workable, this product made it much easier and not a process I dread. Highly recommend this product, especially if you intermittently visit your cottage/cabin. Love it!!! I use it 3 times a month in the winter. Love the Canadian resourcefulness and practicality of this product.

Matt von Wahlde 2021

Just a short note of thanks to let you know that the Clozer system you installed at my cottage three years ago worked perfectly for getting us through another winter. Opening up the system and getting the water flowing was problem free this spring. Cheers,

T. Collins-Williams 2020

After setting up the unit in the fall, I went to my cottage last weekend and what a pleasant surprise to start up the water system with no leaks! Thank you for your great service and answering all of my questions in a timely manner.

G. Dionne 2020

What a great invention you have shared everyone! We bought The Clozer at the Ottawa Cottage Show in Spring of 2018 and cannot say enough good things about it. Closing our cottage in fall 2018 was quick with no muss and no fuss – and a great improvement from so many previous years where I stood below stairs waiting for the “pink” water to come through the pipes. Opening this spring was equally efficient. We have recommended this to many of our neighbours on our lake and are sure they will be as satisfied as we are with our investment in you and your product.

Kate O’Hara Aug 2019

We have used the Clozer for preparing our plumbing system for winter in our seasonal cottage for the last 3 years. Getting under our cottage is tight and draining the system was always a chore. Using the Clozer is very easy and quick. We have had no problems or leaks opening up for the last 2 springs and do not anticipate any problems this year. We had one question during our first closing and that was answered with a quick phone call. We would definitely purchase it again.

Rob P. July 2019

We just wanted to thank you both for all your help with our plumbing needs. After meeting with you at the spring cottage show last year, we decided to purchase The Clozer – after closely following the instructions and a demo from Brian – things seemed to work out great for our cabin. We noticed a big difference in our Hydro Bills. So nice to finally have the comfort of a worry free winter.

Rob & Lynn W. March 2015

For years now we have experienced broken pipes and valves as an almost regular occurrence every spring as we opened our cottage on Lake Muskoka resulting in expensive plumber bills.

Last November after considerable research, we purchased a Clozer.

I cannot tell you how delighted we are with the results. NO LEAKS WHATSOEVER this spring.

Also, our handyman can both close and open for us saving even more plumbers bills.

I am pleased to recommend this apparatus to everyone who has to close their summer property during the winter months.

Brian & Judi Feeney inventors of The Clozer 855-592-5888 were very helpful during the research process and helped with the installation last autumn.

I am recommending this to all my neighbors and I know our handyman has recommended it to all his clients.

I am happy to discuss this further with anyone who requires further information.

Sincerely, Boris Brott O.C., O.Ont., D.Mus., LL.D., F.R.S.A., Kt. St J. Founding Conductor, National Academy Orchestra of Canada Artistic Director, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Montréal, Canada Founding Music Director and Laureate Conductor New West Symphony, Los Angeles
Founding Conductor, National Academy Orchestra of Canada
Artistic Director, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Montréal, Canada
Founding Music Director and Laureate Conductor New West Symphony, Los Angeles

Boris Brott June 2019

I am so pleased with the purchase of The Clozer. It is a simple and easy product to use. We can have the water system winterized in a half hour and if we wish to come later in the season it is a brief task to opened and re-close. This past winter was the worst on record and we were greeted with no cracks or splits in the entire plumbing system. Obviously a wise decision to purchase this product. The designer confidently backs up the purchase assisting with any concerns or questions. It has proven its worth in every penny.

Kim HT. August 2015

The Clozer is, most likely, the best tool that I have ever purchased for maintaining our cottages. It allows me to close a cottage plumbing system in record time with absolute confidence that it is properly protected from freezing. The Clozer provides peace of mind to cottage owners. I will continue to recommend your product to other cottage owners whenever the topic of frozen plumbing comes up (which it does, quite regularly, each spring)

Bruce Etherington.June 2014

The Clozer has taken all of the worry away about the closing and opening of my cottage. I can now close everything, including heating for my water line, and restart everything come spring with absolutely no problems or worry. Something I have never been able to do for the last 15 years of cottage life. And, within 2 years I have paid for the Clozer just in the annual electricity costs savings of not heating the water line. Thank you to Judi & Brian at The Clozer.

Byron Darlison.Aug 2016

We had our Clozer installed in our seasonal cottage last summer and are 100% satisfied. It has reduced opening and closing time enormously, making both opening and closing quick, reliable and easy. Short winter visits to the cottage are now an even greater pleasure and a lot less work, since the pump is already primed when we arrive, and there are never any frozen pipes, popped elbows or broken faucets. We have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Nancy and Terry WilesJuly 2016

Just a short note to express my complete satisfaction with The Clozer. Prior to installing The Clozer, I was spending upwards of $200.00 per month in hydro in the winter months to heat a very small area where our water pump, pressure tank and hot water heater tank were located. The cost of The Clozer will have been paid for in a year through the elimination of the hydro charges. The system is very easy to use, but it’s nice to know that the people at The Clozer are readily available if you have questions when needed. Thanks again

L.M.Lake Temagami

We purchased The Clozer & TC-3 for our cottage in 2014. In prior years winterizing the system was difficult and took many hours to re-open each spring. Some years we would need to get the well line steamed to clear the water that had found a small dip in the line and blocked it with ice. The Clozer fixed all that. Now we fill the line with Plumbing antifreeze in the fall and forget it until spring. The hardest part of opening the system is turning on the power to the well pump. It now only takes minutes. The unit is well made and easy to use. I recommend it to anyone who closes their water supply for the winter.

Ron Brandow January 2017

This ingenious device not only saves us time, but money… a four-hour cottage opening or closing now takes about an hour, and since it’s installation 5 years ago we have not replaced water lines damaged by residual water splitting them over the winter. The Clozer is fast, easy to use and has become indispensable. We recommend it highly

Gary Hackney Dec. 2016

We have now had the Clozer for 3 years and are very happy with this system. In the past, broken pipes due to freezing were almost a common occurrence but with The Clozer, we have never had such an issue. We are so impressed with the Clozer that we have recommended it to our good friends on the Severn River and they are equally satisfied.

Dean & Deb Oleskiw January 2017