Clozer Jet Pump

Jul 1, 2021 By The Clozer

Let's talk about priming your jet pump!

The average cottage owner when showing up at the cottage for the spring-time opening, wants to get the water "started up".

First step, get that jet pump primed and running.  Some pumps prime and start-up easily, but a lot don't.

The main reason for problem priming is that when you're pouring water in thru the top of the pump it is not completely filling the suction line to the lake, simply because it is "air locking".

You dump water in and it seems full, so you turn your pump on and get some water...  But then you hear that different sound the pump makes and no more water.

You refill and repeat the steps several times at which point you may be successful or not.

If successful, you are a Hero, until you open the main valve to the cottage and find repairs are required. 

If you are not successful with priming the pump, it may have to wait until tomorrow since it's getting dark and getting buckets of water from the lake becomes priority.

This seems familiar since it happened last year and the years before.

"Do these mosquito's watch me pull in the driveway?"

The best way to eliminate "air locking" is to fill that suction line from the bottom or Foot-valve side, pushing all of that problem air out the top.

Sound like a pain the butt, but it's not.

The Clozer & TC-3 are the answer....  Check us out.