My name is Brian Feeney and I am the creator of "THE CLOZER". I am 25 years married to Judi and have two sons, Ben & Shawn. I have worked as a licensed plumber for over thirty years.  Originally working and raising a family in the Toronto area, the family now lives in Marten River, Ontario.Since relocating he has operated a Plumbing business for 17 years in this area. He has had a great deal of experience in dealing with residential, vacation properties in this frigid environment.

“I have repaired, replaced and re-piped entire buildings along with RV’s, etc., due to improper cottage and home winterization, I have certainly repaired hundreds of frozen water pipes and drains and have seen the damage winter can do to homes and cottages, etc. There are many stories of frozen pipes that I won’t get into but I am sure that many of you have had similar experiences with your winterization of home or cottage property".

"The repairs to fix your frozen water pipes can be costly so we have developed “The Clozer” to eliminate the potential for your plumbing to freeze. Our objective is to make our product cost effective and user friendly.  So when looking for home or cottage ideas to help you this spring or fall, think “The Clozer”.”

Enjoy a hassle free opening with "The Clozer".  Got Yours Yet?