Connect to THE with TC-3


Connect to THE with TC-3

Heated waterline costing too much?
Priming your water pump frustrating?
Sick & Tired of struggling with your foot valve or submersible pump?  Spring & Fall?
Worried about your water line to the well (drilled or dug)?
Keeping your heat trace line on at the cottage?
Even when you are not there????????

THE CLOZER has protected all your water pipes, drains and valves and given you
”the easiest start-up ever”

Now you need THE CLOZER more than ever, to help you
SAVE              SAVE               SAVE
TC-3, a new valve created by THE CLOZER
More convenience and savings for you.

SPRING:  Cottage owners that have ever primed their pump and suction line in the spring know that it is a hit or miss proposition and very time consuming.
Connecting THE CLOZER with TC-3 makes this thankless job so much easier.

FALL/WINTER: This unique system, THE CLOZER + TC-3, can fill your suction line with non-toxic plumbing anti-freeze.  This allows you to SHUT OFF your HEAT TRACE LINE while away from the cottage during the winter, saving you money on electrical bills.  When you come back to the cottage, simply connect THE CLOZER with TC-3 to displace the antifreeze with potable water.  Turn on your heat trace line, switch on the pump, and you are back in business…….

The business of having fun.

Get connected to THE CLOZER with TC-3.  We’ve designed a new valve for THE CLOZER.  TC-3 is an easy one-time installation that hooks into your suction line or water line from your submersible, and quickly connects to THE CLOZER.

For current and future CLOZER owners, the addition of TC-3 is the answer to the dilemma of;

Priming the pump and suction line in spring – Connect THE CLOZER to TC-3. 
Fill THE CLOZER with potable water, turn it on and let TC-3 do the work for you.  No guesswork as to whether you have filled the water line enough, or have any trapped air preventing you from priming your pump.
THE CLOZER and TC-3 are hooked up at the pump location making it simple.  No foot valves or submersible pumps to deal with in spring and fall.  The fill tube of TC-3 does all the work for you.  When your intake line is full, you are primed and ready to go.

Preventing the use of heat trace when you are away from the cottage, eliminating costly electrical bills.  TC-3 allows THE CLOZER to fill your suction line with non-toxic antifreeze enabling you to shut off your heat trace line.
Upon return to your winter playground, connect THE CLOZER with TC-3.  Fill THE CLOZER with potable water and plug it in.  When TC-3 has displaced all the non-toxic pluming antifreeze from your suction line and running clear water – you are ready to turn on the heat trace line and pump.

Preserving costly plumbing systems, lines and pumps – THE CLOZER + TC-3 saves your investment, your time and most of all your money.


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